EB Research Partnership

EB Research Partnership

EB Research Partnership is the largest nonprofit dedicated to funding research aimed at treating and ultimately curing EB – or Epidermolysis Bullosa – a group of devastating and life-threatening genetic skin disorders that affect children from birth and currently without a cure.

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  • June 2016

    MBF gave $50,000 in support of EBRP’s work.

  • An individual with EB lacks a critical protein that binds the layers of skin together. Without this protein, the skin tears apart, blisters and shears off leading to severe pain, disfigurement and wounds that never heal.

  • The Mario Batali Foundation is currently funding an innovative iPS Cell Consortium. This is a collaboration between 3 distinguished institutions: Columbia University, Stanford University and the University of Colorado, to create a novel and innovative approach to gene therapy.

  • The Mario Batali Foundation is directly funding the research program and not any of the overhead costs associated with the universities or EBRP.